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Your roving realtor in Thailand
Your roving realtor in Thailand

Tampa Bay - sport fan mecca

January 2021.     There is always a silver lining, and despite many challenges that we have faced this last 12 months, Tampa Bay, and the City of St Petersburg has come through for its fans of sport.   The popular St Petersburg Grand Prix, with the street racing and high octane fans did run, it was a smaller crowd, but they were nonetheless buzzing with excitement when the long delayed March race finally got the start flag in October.      The Rowdies Soccer team concluded a very successful season, winning their division, sadly unable to play for the national finals due to the covid restrictions.    Our home ice hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning brought home the Stanley Cup once again in 2020 after a long and challenging season, and much loved Tampa Bay Rays baseball wide won the American League Pennant and the East Divisional Title in 2020.    We are all hoping for continuing good fortune to all our teams this coming year, go Bucs, Rowdies, Lightning and Rays!!!!  

House Hunting during a pandemic

... people still need to buy a home

Even the most seasoned real estate professionals have a hard time trying to give a right answer to buyers and sellers during this Covid-19 situation.   What is clear is that there are less homes on the market in a time that is usually very busy, particularly in the residential market.    However there are definitely buyers who need a new home.  It may be because of job relocation, retirement, school needs, family situations, all of which do not stop for the virus.    Interest rates are at a historically low level, and lenders are still lending.    My personal recommendation is to continue to search for your ideal home, so long as you are comfortable that your income stream is secure and the home is affordable there is no reason to halt your search.   If you are thinking of selling your home, know there are buyers, like these mentioned above, who still want to find the right one.   If you need any further help with buying or selling a home, click the contact tab.   

A recent survey of metro areas in the USA revealed that many millennials in particular are regretting more than two years of renting. Zillow Housing Aspirations Report suggests that although homeownership comes with headaches, taxes, insurance and ongoing maintenance and repairs, the regrets from long term tenants is greater.