Renters with non-buyer remorse


A recent survey of metro areas in the USA revealed that many millennials in particular are regretting more than two years of renting.   Zillow Housing Aspirations Report suggests that although homeownership comes with headaches, taxes, insurance and ongoing maintenance and repairs, the regrets from long term tenants is greater.

Twice a year Zillow does a survey of 10,000  homeowners and tenants around the country in almost 2 dozen of the US' largest metropolitan regions.   According to the latest 45% have regrets over renting rather than purchasing a home of their own. Only roughly 8% regret buying instead of renting.   The top regret being (for renters) that they are not building any equity and cannot generally make the rental unit a place of their own and customize them.  Right now rent is very steep in many areas, not least the Tampa Bay Area, where downtown St Pete - a most desired place for younger people to live and work,   has average rent for an average apartment (877SF) is $1287 a month.

40% of renters desire larger living spaces and private outdoor spaces, something that is lacking in most rental apartments, which may have amenities, but no privacy.     

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